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Business Partner

  • Schroder Investment Management Indonesia

    We work closely with PT. Schroder Investment Management Indonesia to make sure that we continously grow our assetts in order to ensure that our customers always recieve the best return from their investments.

  • AdMedika

    AdMedika was established in August 2002 with a focus on information and communication technology systems for employee health care services and health insurance participants.

    Thus far, AdMedika has mastered 80% of the user market share in information systems and communication technologies for health care services. AdMedika’s readiness to serve the healthcare needs of participants are now supported by e-health services as well.

    Overview of AdMedika

    • 50 insurance companies and corporate customers with more than 2.5 million participants
    • Manages more than 3000 insurance policies with over 600 special planning systems
    • The design of the AdMedika solution system utilizes EDC infrastructure that is integrated with provider hospitals, clinics and security administration / claims. It has been installed in 1000 provider hospitals and clinics throughout Indonesia, including 1000 polyclinics, and will continue to evolve.
    • Has developed an online Reporting Web Base system and Host to Host integration.
    • Has established a 24-hour Call Centre with AdMedika Personal Medical Staff
  • Munich Re

    As one of the world’s leading reinsurance companies with around 4,000 clients in over 150 countries, Munich Re provides comprehensive solution on risk management and support towards the Sequislife’s financial stability.

  • Swiss Re

    Being considered as one of the world’s most diversified reinsures, Swiss Re complements proven reinsurance portfolio for Property & Casualty and Life & Health with insurance-based corporate finance solutions and services for comprehensive risk management.

  • Scor

    Acknowledged as one of the world’s Top 10 “Insurer’s Insurers” with operating units in a number of major countries and cities throughout the world, SCOR provides facultative and treaty reinsurance to property-casualty and life insurance companies.