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For those young professionals who wish to boost their Sales Management skills and career in Professional Sales, then you are our valuable assets. Sequis will give you the best chance to acquire not only fixed income, but also unlimited bonus and commissions, promising career development, domestic and international trip rewards. 

Why Join WIth Us


Become the market leader in Indonesia's life and health insurance industry.


For customers, Sequis provides top-quality products as well as innovative and thoughtful service.

For business partners and employees, Sequis presents an ever-growing career opportunity, sustainable professional development as well as environment with the best and latest international management practices.

For shareholders, Sequis offers attractive investment returns and increased shareholding value.

For the people of Indonesia, Sequis is committed to setting the highest standards of integrity in the life insurance industry, contributing to nation building and providing the best protection for your better future


Dona Fitrianto

Telemarketing Sequis

Sequis is my first work place until now after completing education from High School (SMA). I love being able to work at Sequis because lots of experience and friendly colleagues, helping each other as well as working collaboratively . In 2017 I received an award from the company in the form of travelling to Singapore and Malaysia for 3 days. I am proud to work as Telemarketing in Sequis.

Putri Utami

Telemarketing Sequis

The first time I join Sequis in 2015 and accepted as Telemarketing, at first I was shocked by the crowded working situation and there are lots of calling. As time pass by, I became accustomed to this work and gain a lot of knowledge. I also love to work as Telemarketing in Sequis because the co-worker is kind and friendly so the difficult work becomes easy. Today, as my income, commissions, races and outings increase, I am more excited about working at Sequis. Let's join the Sequis telemarketing.

Fransiska Elmas

Telemarketing Sequis

Hi my name is Elmas. I worked at Sequis since 2016. At the beginning I have no idea about telemarketing and insurance. However, after I work as a tele officer at Sequis, Now I understand how a telemarketing works and I get a lot of knowledge about insurance. No need to worry if you do not have any experience, because Sequis’s TSO will be equipped with skills and knowledge through training sessions for 2 weeks. Initially in the first month of working, I was only able to get 2 customers and I was in despair, but over time, thanks to hard work I can finally prove my performance like others, even in 2018 I managed to get "The Best Telemarketing "Thank you Sequis.

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