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Donna Agnesia

Agent/Matahari Agency/Matahari 10

I have just joined Sequis. Through struggles and perseverance, finally I can win the first ever q-Summit which prize is a trip to Hokkaido Japan. I feel happy and proud to be able to win q-Summit in my first year as a Sequis agent.

Kiki/Law Khian Kuang

SVP FIT Giant Star Team

The three things that make me really want to join and choose Sequis, is that Sequis has a good agency system, a business plan and clear development plans in the future, as well as a loyal team for decades and they still exist today. Success begins with yourself (seed) and then planning a good work (fertilizer), and lastly working environment (land).


VP/Royal Diamond/RDSAM8

Since the age of 6, my father left me and I live alone with my Mother. The tremendous journey of life makes me a fighter. By joining Sequis I achieved my longlife dream of traveling around the world from Asia, Europe and America. Through Sequis I can make the people that I love become happy.

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