• Financial Accident Cash Back

    There are many ways to plan family’s future, one of them is by having accident life insurance. Get Financial Accident Cash Back to help you keep your family’s financial plan steady. 

Financial Accident Cash Back

Financial Accident Cash Back is a life insurance product that provides death benefit due to Accident or non-accident and permanent total disability benefit. 


  1. 100% sum assured will be paid if the Insured dies due to an Accident.
  2. 100% return of premium if the Insured dies due to non Accident.
  3. 100% sum assured will be paid if the Insured suffers from total permanent disability due to an Accident.
  4. 110% return on premium if the Insured survives up to the end of Coverage Period.
  5. Premium starts from Rp5,700 per day.
  6. Provides facilities that can be used by participants:
    Cash Value Automatic Premium Loan 
    Free Look Period    Grace Period
    Policy Reinstatement  Policy Loan

Terms and Conditions

Entry Age

5 - 50 years old

Coverage Period

10 years

Maximum Coverage Age

60 years

Sum Assured

Plan A - Rp50 million, Plan B - Rp100 million, Plan C - Rp200 million

Mode of Payment

Monthly (credit card and auto debit), Yearly (transfer, ATM, credit card, and auto debit)

Contestable Period

Contestable Period is 2 (two) years from the date of insurance contract started as specified in Policy Contract or the Policy Reinstatement date (if any), which one is the latest.



Distribution Channel

Direct Marketing (Telemarketing)

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