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    Millenial generation is an active generation pursuing their dreams, dare to try new things, and wants to contribute to make a change around them. MiPower by Sequis presents MiProtection that provides a comprehensive protection which is designed to suit millenial generation needs so they can live at ease and focus to achieve their dream without worrying about unexpected risks of life. 


M! Protection is a complete 6-in-1 protection that has 3 Plan options with affordable premium for age 18 years old  to 40 years old. 


  1. Complete 6-in-1 protection that covers health protection (M! Physical Recharge), mental (M! Mental Recharge), accident (M! Sudden-Down Benefit), disability (M! Critical-Down Benefit), critical illness (M! Lifestyle-Impact Benefit), and life (M! Departure).
  2. Provides worldwide protection for all Plan options.
  3. Provides exceptional feature, protection from mental disorders namely Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bipolar, and Schizoprenia, added no claim discount and renewal discount facilities.
  4. Tailored for millennial aged 18-40 years and can be personalized according to their needs.
  5. Provides 3 Plan options (Starter, Moderate, and Advanced) with 6 quota options (Rp50 million – Rp500 million), flexible as needed.
  6. Affordable premium starts from Rp380 thousand/year.
  7. Total benefits are 3x the initial quota. 
  8. Cashless facilities for hospitalization, intensive care, and counseling sessions.
  9. Counseling fees reimbursement for certain mental conditions.
  10. Provides facilities that can be used by participants: 
    Free Look Period Quota Changes
    Grace Period Mode of Payment Changes
    Policy Reinstatement  

Terms and Conditions

Entry Age

• Minimum 18 (eighteen) years old • Maximum 40 (forty) years old • For renewal can be renewed up to the Insured’s attained age 60 (sixty)

Premium Payment Period

Yearly Renewable Term

Maximum Coverage Age

Can be extended up to the Insured’s attained age 60 (sixty)

Coverage Period

Updated every year up to the nearest policy birthday with the insured’s age of 60 (sixty)

Mode of Payment

For Annual Premium ≥ Rp1 million: Monthly, Quarterly, Semesterly, and Yearly

Contestable Period

2 (two) years



Distribution Channel

Sequis Agents

If you are interested and would like to know more about Sequis products and services, please contact Sequis Care (62-21) 2994 2929 on business days at 8.15 am to 5.00 pm or by email to care@sequislife.com.

This product is managed by PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life

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