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Speaking of family, then we are talking about the future. In order to realize a better tomorrow for you and your family, we must understand how to maximize finances. Be a financial planner for yourself. In addition to preparing an emergency fund, saving money in the form of investment also needs to be done. SequislinQ Smart Investor provides life protection as well as provides investment benefits from the Insurance Policy with Rupiah currency.


  1. Has a Death Benefit of 150% of Single Premium Remained at the age of less than 75 plus years & nbsp; with the investment value accumulated during the protection period

  2. The Final Benefit of an Insurance Contract is a Policy Value * that will be paid if the Insured lives until the End of Contract Date

  3. Having a Premium Up Up facility whenever Single Premium is no longer sufficient to pay expenses in order to maintain life insurance protection keep running

  4. Have many types of investment that can be selected by customers to invest funds: 

    Rupiah Cash Fund Syariah Balanced Fund
    Rupiah Stable Fund Rupiah Dynamic Fund
    Rupiah Managed Fund Rupiah Equity Fund
  5. Has facilities that can be utilized by the customer: 

    Cash Value Withdrawal
    Policy Learning Period Top Up


Terms and Conditions

Entry Age

0 – 70 Years

Premium Payment Period

at once

Coverage Period

75 years

Maximum Coverage Age

75 years

Sum Assured

150% of single promes or 15 milion

Mode of Payment

at once

Lien Clause *

Whether assured are children and die of the world is not for exposure before age 5 years, then money is prepared by proporsional in accordance with renewable liquid factors like the terters on policy book provisions

Contestable Period

2 years



Distribution Channel


Age Calculation Method

Repeated Birthday


In accordance with the applicable underwriting conditions

The clause that provides restrictions on any of the insurance benefits within a certain period during the Policy is still valid

If you are interested and would like to know more about Sequis products and services, please contact Sequis Care (62-21) 2994 2929 on business days at 8.15 am to 5.00 pm or by email to care@sequislife.com

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