• SequislinQ Value Protector

SequislinQ Value Protector

Managing the finances for the future requires carefulness and good management. Set aside some money for an income through a variety of ways. But did you know that the value of money at the moment and the future will be different? In general we are not aware of the change of the value of money. Through Insurance SequislinQ Value Protector, Sequis soul offers protection while providing the benefits of investment.


  1. Features Benefits Died that is 100% of the sum assured (UP) at the age of less than 80 plus years with investment value accumulated during the period of protection.

  2. An additional benefit of 150% of the Benefits paid on UP will Die due to an accident that happened 90 days since the accident happened.

  3. If the insured is alive until the end of the existing value of Insurance Policies will be paid (if any)

  4. The choice of payment method that frees the client to choose between monthly, quarterly, Semiannual, and annual, minimum of 5 years up to the end of the protection period.

  5. Provide on-site investment withdrawals to accommodate sudden financial needs required of the customer 

  6. Have the kind of investment that can be selected by the customer to invest funds:

    Rupiah Cash Fund
    Rupiah Equity Fund
    Rupiah Managed Fund
  7. Have facilities which can be utilized by the customer, such as:

    Policy Value Freedom Period
    Change of Sum Insured Premium Leave*
    Studying Loyalty Bonus Period Top Up Premium Withdrawal (Withdrawal)
    Premium Top Up Withdrawal

* Terms and conditions applicable

Terms and Conditions

Entry Age

1 month - 65 years old

Premium Payment Period

Minimum 5 years - up to the end of insurance period

Coverage Period

80 years old

Maximum Coverage Age

80 years old

Sum Assured

5 times the annual premium or Rp. 300 millon (Whichever is greater)

Mode of Payment

Annual, Semi-annual, Quarterly and Monthly

Lien Clause *

If the Insured is a child and died not because of an accident before the age of 5 years, the Sum Insured shall be paid proportionally in accordance with the applicable Lien Factor as stipulated in the provisions of the book Policy

Contestable Period

2 years period



Distribution Channel


Age Calculation Method

The nearest birthday


In accordance with the applicable underwriting conditions

* The clause that provides restrictions on any of the insurance benefits within a certain period during the Policy is still valid

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