• SequislinQ Investor Plus

SequislinQ Investor Plus

Assets are not just objects such as homes, vehicles, personal businesses, and the like, the soul and health are also assets that must be maintained. Take advantage of SequislinQ Investor Plus Insurance that provides life protection while providing investment benefits.


  1. Has a Death Benefit of up to 125% of Single Premium at the age of less than 75 years coupled with the value of investments accumulated during the protection period

  2. By way of premium payments at once, customers already get the benefits of life protection and investment benefits until the age of 75 years

  3. This product provides Currency option ie Rupiah and Dollar

  4. Providing an opportunity for customers to enter and select investment markets that may not be accessible as a single investor

  5. Have the type of investment customers can choose to invest in:

    Rupiah Cash Fund Syariah Balanced Fund
    Rupiah Stable Fund Rupiah Equity Fund
    Rupiah Managed Fund USD Stable Fund (US$ invesment fund)*
  6. Having facilities that can be utilized by customers are:

    Cash Value (Withdrawal)
    Learning Time Police Top Up


Terms and Conditions

Entry Age

0 – 70 Years

Premium Payment Period

at once

Coverage Period

until the Insured is 75 years old

Maximum Coverage Age

until the Insured is 75 years old

Sum Assured

A. 125% of singular premium
B. Minimum Single  premium: (RP10 million or  USS1,000)

Mode of Payment

at once

Lien Clause *

If the Insured is a child and died not because of an accident before the age of 5 years, the Sum Insured shall be paid proportionally in accordance with the applicable Lien Factor as stipulated in the provisions of the book Policy

Contestable Period

2  (two) years


Rupiah & US Dollar

Distribution Channel


Age Calculation Method

Nearest Birthday


Under applicable underwriting conditions

* The clause that provides restrictions on any of the insurance benefits within a certain period during the Policy is still valid

If you are interested and would like to know more about Sequis products and services, please contact Sequis Care (62-21) 2994 2929 on business days at 8.15 am to 5.00 pm or by email to care@sequislife.com

​​​​This product is managed by PT Asuransi Jiwa Sequis Life

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